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ReverieOctober 24, 2019

Reverie ~ In the stillness we open the space for higher…

Reflection ~ allowing our daydreams to bring to the forefront…

Recognition ~ of thought forms that we may observe and…

Release ~ what no longer serves us so we may…

Receive ~ impulses from the soul that ignite our hearts and fuel our desires

The Lions GateAugust 8, 2019

Today, August 8 is an ancient celebration of the Lions Gate, honoring the Sun, Solaris, as a portal for Source energy, illuminating consciousness and focused intent. Immerse in this energy to activate DNA potential, clearing blocks from your energetic and physical system and create for the highest good as God intended. This is a day to clearly set your intentions and offer gratitude for being a witness and a participant to this Ascension process. Don’t be discouraged by the bombardment of these last throws of negativity. It has nothing left to energize it and it is falling away. The light is pouring in and that light is love. Hold that in your heart, surround yourself with that and stay grateful that all are playing their parts.
The Day Out of TimeJuly 25, 2019
Today, July 25th is The Day Out of Time, celebrated around the globe as a time of resetting, a time to come into alignment with nature, the universe and each other. It honors time not as linear, but as cyclical, which is what the Mayans and Mesoamericans, who were mathematicians, based their Thirteen Moon calendar on. This calendar was based on the HARMONY of 28 day months reflecting 13 lunations in one trip around the sun. 
On July 25, Sirius rises with the sun and the day out of time, not attached to a week or a month, re-aligns the 13 moon calendar to the solar year and humanity to it’s inherent connection to the cosmos,nature and the Divine. In this moment 'out of time' human consciousness can reset and expand into universal consciousness. 
Please take a moment to feel the harmony and set an intention to restore peace, the flow of abundance and much needed grace into our world. Thank you.

Spirit Cat to the RescueJune 19, 2019

Spirit Cat to the rescue.
It's unusual for me to connect with a discarnate soul who doesn't understand they've died. But this soul (who had passed very recently) couldn't understand why a huge tree had fallen into her living room and seemed frantic that no one was doing anything about it. I suddenly felt her confusion came from her not realizing she had passed when the tree fell on her. 
As I began expanding my consciousness to see who in the higher realms could help, the presence of a cat came in who seemed very joyful to be there. My client knew this cat to be the deceased's beloved pet. Together we asked the cat to get their person's attention and when I saw her turn and pick up her loving cat I felt the overwhelming joy of their reunion. She then looked up and saw the other family members who had come to welcome her home and I knew she'd begun her transition. It was truly a wondrous experience.
The Energy of Male DivinityJune 12, 2019

This insight/information came up in a reading I did not long ago.

From the human perspective, so many men are struggling.  From a soul perspective, this is a time of golden opportunity to purge the destructive elements of a patriarchal system embedded in the matrix of this reality for so long and rebalance the masculine.

 With the influx of divine feminine energy, coming in as a strong yet subtle force against the  unyielding negative aspects of the patriarchal system, men are reawakening to their divinity.  As their energy ascends, conflict can arise.

 When we are born here on Earth, we embody both the creative aspects of the divine feminine and the manifestation elements of the divine masculine. But through the ages, a patriarchy has emerged whose oppressive rule and negative aspects of power, dominance, aggression and superiority have subjugated the feminine within the balance of the masculine/feminine energies.  

 Now, as we ascend within this spiral of increasing frequencies, men endeavor  to break free from the bondage of the negative aspects held within their ancestral lines for centuries.  As the purity of the divine feminine realigns DNA  and rebalances their divine masculine, generations of firmly held beliefs and destructive patterns are magnified.  

 Even for the men who hold a great balance of kindness and compassion,and who’s very nature goes against the implanted negative beliefs, there are still generational imbalances that need to fully dissolve and be released or the conflict can internalize into illness. 

 Men born into this patriarchy are suddenly feeling the push and pull of conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions. Their reflection of self worth may be hinged upon their perception of ‘outside’ success; and they may feel empty, that they don’t measure up, or worse that they are weak. “You are just like your father” can be a great compliment, or it can be a demeaning judgement that your father was lacking and so are you. They may not even understand why they are suddenly finding themselves struggling with beliefs, with trust, with expectations or what society deemed they conform to.  They wonder why they keep pushing to attain that elusive goal that always seems just out of reach, where success is determined by how much you own and how much power you wield. I see them struggling to break the chains that holds their lineage in bondage to a system that is falling apart.  The status quo no longer works. We must dismantle the old before we can build the new.

 Now they have begun to hear the stirrings of their soul, getting glimpses of what their divine nature is intuitively showing them, what their heart knows to be true.  They are going within, taking steps to reclaim their divine birthright; one where abundance flows, where love of self and others is accepted and service to others is honored.  Suddenly life becomes easier and begins to flow unimpeded.  

 For those men who have opened up to that level of self awareness, who value service to all above service to self, then these men become the way showers.  It is not about lack, it is about manifesting!  Success is both internal and external and in balance, knowing what they value is heart based.  They give up the struggle that you have to fight for what you need and instead allow themselves to manifest what is for their highest good.


 For these men who are the way showers, the light keepers, who have been embodying, holding and grounding the ascension energies with Herculean effort, I give you my gratitude.  That effort is like trying to hold open a door against typhoon winds while trying to help others through.

 The masculine myth is being shattered.  Men no longer have to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.  The old ways leave them drained and defeated. They are finding their way through the confusion and relying on their own intuition.   And when they truly follow their heart their life unfolds and manifests with ease and grace.

 In the reemerging energy of the divine masculine, a new sense of self awareness comes in; an exploration of what their soul is really guiding them to do.  Breaking free of old patterns and embracing change, a new found sense of truth, of self respect and self compassion filters in.  There is an awareness to honor and revere all of life, acknowledging the sanctity of every being and the sacredness of our journey here on this beautiful planet Earth, where nature is to be revered and not exploited and the profound knowing that WE ARE ONE.  If we honor our selves, we honor all and the matrix of patriarchy dissolves.

Surrendering to our Highest GoodMay 20, 2019

Surrendering to our Highest Good

Everything in our thoughts exist as potential form.  They become streams of energy, and whatever thoughts we choose to direct our attention to, those are the ones that become energized, opening up a timeline and following that thought wave to its collapse or manifestation.  

 The thoughts that we choose to ignore, or let flow on by, neutralize and collapse.  The ones we choose to give our attention to, expand in our consciousness and become powerful waves of energy.  They give rise to a huge energetic field that is either radiating positivity, or radiating negativity.  

 When we are expanding positive thoughts, we feel good, loved, appreciated, connected to Source.  We can feel that we a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  We appreciate the world around us and radiate that into our energy field.  We find ourselves drawing in others who resonate with that energy.  No need to control an outcome; just following our intuition and trusting in the harmony, balance and love of our highest self.

 If we expand on negative thoughts, we create an avalanche of energy that sweeps us up into a loop of judgement, fear, discord, even hatred.  We energize the continuous rhetoric in our minds of I said, you said, they said, who is right, who is wrong and most importantly anxiety.   We fight to control the situation or debate what we believe is the ‘right solution’.  Whether it’s about us, or it’s about someone we love, we become mired in thought forms that create nothing but worry and sleepless nights.

How can we stay in positive thought streams?  Remembering the intention of SURRENDERING to the HIGHEST GOOD.  

 When we realize that our soul and the souls of those around us have each have a plan; we can relax.  Having free will plays an enormous part in this incarnation, and since we are participating in a life shared with other souls, we can take on responsibilities that may not be ours to take.  When we find ourselves becoming obsessed with the actions of another, whomever it is, its time to step back and reset out intention.  And when we give up the struggle of trying to control the outcome, we surrender into the intention of: whatever is for the HIGHEST GOOD; LET IT BE.  We don’t have to know what that is, we just have to hold that thought form.

 What a relief! We can relax and feel ourselves lighter.  We trust that whatever comes next will follow our souls’ plan.  We feel moved into positivity.  We feel a burden put down, the fear leaving our solar plexus.  When we release stress we open our energy centers to flow.  We can love and support each other but be objective instead of emotional.  We each have our own role to play but sometimes we need to just be the audience for others.  We know that we can let go of worry, for when we surrender to love and the highest good of ALL concerned, we trust in the big picture; the divine plan.

Life on Earth is not for the faint of heart, but oh what an experience!   

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