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Staying on Course April 1, 2022

The world may seem like itís spinning out of control, but it hasnít lost its course. 

 I speak with people all over the globe and everyone seems to share the same notion that a world no longer able to sustain itself is being dismantled. That is the problem and it is also the solution. 

 The very air we breathe is vibrating with truth and awareness. Itís as if we have awakened from a long slumber wondering how circumstances got to be so dire. 

This is necessary for us to begin to rebuild what we are now dismantling. 

 But this new creation can only be sustained if it is filled with truth, openness, generosity of spirit and a willingness to relinquish power and control over humanity and honor it instead. This is the outcome we desire after all of the grief and fear raised by those seeking to dominate humanity rather then embrace it. So we, through our thoughts, awareness, actions and intentions are embracing ourselves. Every thought has an energetic signature that goes out into the collective. And every person who becomes aware of their power as a divine sovereign beings and acts accordingly contributes to increasing the love quotient on the planet. The darkness cannot stay dark when the light of love shines so brightly that every truth is known, every lie exposed and the need for change becomes more than just an idea but an action. 

This is the course we are on. 

Every day, I envision the world I want to live in. I contribute my energy to that creation. That is my inspiration, my dream, my intention and the action I take. I want to wake up tomorrow in that world, an idea that is not only possible but probable. 

We can create this. 

March 2 New MoonMarch 1, 2022

March 2, is the new moon. The energy of this new moon is filled with potential for creating intentions of peace, harmony and love . The magnetic energy thatís been held in place for so long is losing its grip and the waves of light frequency encoded from God source energy are permeating our reality. Use the energy of this new moon to amplify your intentions of what you want the world to be! 

December SolsticeDecember 21, 2021

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in the power of thoughts and intentions? 

Today, on this December 21st Solstice at 11am ET is a worldwide meditation. Take a few moments to imagine what kind of world you want to create going forward . Weave your dreams your wishes your desires into the tapestry of the collective. This age of Aquarius that is upon us is about ĎWeí. Where we go one we go all. So please, join your thoughts and prayers, anytime during the day with us and visualize peace, sharing, abundance, love, joy, freedom and whatever else you dream of. These are meant to be our destiny. This is the future for Humanity. 

Cold MoonDecember 18, 2021

Tonightís Full Moon speaks to the chill of winter and harkens the arrival of the Winter Solstice on December 21st; the longest night of the year. 

Known as the Cold Moon, it is a time to go within, seek comfort and clarity in the hibernation that winter brings and ponder what you would like to bring to completion. As this year is coming to a close, it is also a time to reflect on what inspired you and what new energy and experiences youíd like to bring forth. 

You wonít want to miss out on the magic of this season, to connect with yourself and the universe we reside in. 💫

Hold the lightNovember 29, 2021
From my meditation: Only higher
vibrational beings may now enter our dimension. It's a
marker of the ascension process. Together we are
rising like a phoenix from the ashes of darkness
through the light of love. Keep going. Hold love in your hearts. 
Life As We Know itOctober 6, 2021

Change is coming; rapidly, finally and with eyes and hearts wide open. 

 And while humanity is waking up to this realization, there are many collectives assisting us to reach our potential. 

This is what was shown to me in meditation: 

 We would no longer be ruled by (in our case) two parties. Instead, we would create a new system of governing, with three branches. They would all be equal, and replicated throughout the planet. 

These would filled with ambassadors who would be chosen based on their abilities and their desire to be in service to others. 

The first branch of ambassadors would monitor and seek out the needs of the populous. First and foremost, always looking at what the people need. 

The second would be focused on identifying and fulfilling the needs of the work force; industry, technology etc., and what those who serve the greater good need to keep everything in balance. 

The third  group of ambassadors would be chosen for their intuitive empathic abilities. They would be representing the overarching  spiritual, metaphysical and  emotional needs of the not only people, but also  what animals, nature, and the planet need to stay in balance. 

 Instead of a hierarchy of power, this would all be done in a honeycomb pattern, where all information is equal and accessible. This Information would be presented in what the galactics call the  language of neutrality; pure information, with no emotional swaying and no manipulation.  It is all based on pure, heart felt love. There is nothing done for personal gain, since we will be collectively focused on the needs of all. 

And finally, when we have ended global conflict and can look at each other as humans without division, when we can implement this new way of seeing to the needs of all of us, then we would be invited to have a seat at the galactic confederation table and life as we know it will never be the same. It will be unimaginably better and itís closer then you think!

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