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My meditation with the LyransMay 23, 2022

In meditation:

I went into my meditation thinking of my nephewís daughter, whose soul Iíd connected with before she was born.  She had told me she was known as Aya and she was coming in from the star system we call Lyra.  There are two groups of highly evolved beings from Lyra that I am familiar with; one of which are the Feline or lion beings; standing upright and very tall. Iíve felt their presence on occasion, as jovial and on a mission, yet protective. It was exciting to feel their presence again. 

Immediately I was shown an image of a huge desert, much like the Sahara. Then I heard the word ĎCairoí. And then I saw the date December 17th hovering in my vision. My attention was then directed towards the top of my head where I began to feel an intense energy surging down through my pineal gland going specifically to an area at the back of my head, just above the Zeal chakra. It was a rhythmic, pulsating energy. It was coming in an entirely new way. It felt uplifting and purposeful. My sense of it was a resonance, an energetic upgrade more so then a download of information. I have experienced different Ďrestorativeí energies with different groups whenever I have asked for assistance so I was grateful. 

When the experience ended and I came out of meditation, I put ĎCairoí and the date Dec 17th in a search engine.  An image from the Cairo Museum in Egypt came on the screen.  It was mind blowing because the picture was of three statues; tall, long limbed creatures with lion heads, that to me, depicted the Lyrans. It was their validation speaking to me. 

If you think the ancient sculptures and paintings of Egyptians with elongated limbs and heads, bird heads, feline heads, lions bodies etc were all just costumes and headdresses think again. There were a multitude of  ET races on the planet, with some vying for control.   Some stayed and some left. 

At present, our solar system has moved into a space in our galaxy whose frequency is so high, lower vibrational beings cannot stay. And with all the media talk of ufoís and space ships, threats and promoting fear understand this; the beings involved in our evolution now are not just technologically evolved  but also Spiritually evolved.  They know we are on the precipice of great change and are lovingly here. But we have to meet them on that spiritual level. Their star ships arenít just metal and rivets, they are inter dimensional orbs of light. They are here to assist, not to rescue and not to destroy. We have  an incredible opportunity to disengage from fear and align with the frequency of universal love. That is us reciprocating. We are almost there.  

May GiveawayMay 13, 2022

As part of my May birthday celebration I am giving away presents. Anyone who buys a reading in May through my website will go into a drawing and two names will be chosen. Each of those will receive TWO FREE mentoring sessions (each session is 1 hour) for guidance, to learn intuitive skills, ask questions; whatever you like. AND yes that includes anyone who has already purchased a reading in May. On the 31st I will draw the two names and inform you through email. Happy May!

Archangel Gabrielís MessageMay 13, 2022

A fun message from Archangel Gabriel:

Imagine you are standing in the sunshine and that represents your higher self. The shadow you cast represents your physical self.  When your higher self moves your shadow will follow. 

Now imagine the sun as Source energy, streaming down codes of light. You are standing with it directly overhead so you are fully connected to higher consciousness. You are unaware of your physical body; there is no shadow. Then the sun seems to move and itís no longer directly overhead but itís actually you who are moving. The sun is stationary.  Once  again you become aware of your physical self and as you do your shadow reappears. You are back in your body. 

Energy expands and contracts. Going with the flow of it allows us to move between different states of consciousness. We can tune in to our highest self and then we can ground that energy into our physical world. 

As multidimensional humans we have great skills. If we pay attention we can be incredible conduits of light and love. 

The End of KarmaApril 25, 2022

I am starting to perceive what the end of karma really means. Itís not a sudden stop in the experiences and lessons that we have set out to learn. It is an awakening! It is a knowing that slowly comes into our awareness that there is more than what we believed our lives to be. It does not diminish anything about our lives. It is an enrichment that opens our eyes to what we couldnít see before.  It is a process where we suddenly realize that we no longer have to engage in these lessons. We see the patterns, the choices, the actions and the ups and downs that have been driven and accelerated by our emotions. Through this awakening, we become more of the observer of our experiences. It is a choice; we choose to move from the lesson. Imagine we are enrolled in a class, but half way through we  understand the lesson completely . We can choose to stay but we donít need to because we have already absorbed and understood the information. We are ready to move to the next experience. We can see the bigger picture. We move into higher, more expanded levels of consciousness,  broader levels of understanding that help us determine how we choose to live our lives, who we choose to interact with and what we want to manifest in what suddenly feels like a new reality. It is a choice; and we must decide where do we go from here. 

We are ShiftingApril 19, 2022

We are shifting human consciousness not to the present, but to the presence of the ancient divine souls that we truly are embodying. In physical reality you are a 

Body but in the quantum state you a mental, emotional, spiritual and astral body that expand in frequency through the 5th dimension and beyond. This is the collective consciousness of the ancient Source. We arenít just living through it, we are creating it.  We are awakening to our potential. Remember Who You Are!

Staying on Course April 1, 2022

The world may seem like itís spinning out of control, but it hasnít lost its course. 

 I speak with people all over the globe and everyone seems to share the same notion that a world no longer able to sustain itself is being dismantled. That is the problem and it is also the solution. 

 The very air we breathe is vibrating with truth and awareness. Itís as if we have awakened from a long slumber wondering how circumstances got to be so dire. 

This is necessary for us to begin to rebuild what we are now dismantling. 

 But this new creation can only be sustained if it is filled with truth, openness, generosity of spirit and a willingness to relinquish power and control over humanity and honor it instead. This is the outcome we desire after all of the grief and fear raised by those seeking to dominate humanity rather then embrace it. So we, through our thoughts, awareness, actions and intentions are embracing ourselves. Every thought has an energetic signature that goes out into the collective. And every person who becomes aware of their power as a divine sovereign beings and acts accordingly contributes to increasing the love quotient on the planet. The darkness cannot stay dark when the light of love shines so brightly that every truth is known, every lie exposed and the need for change becomes more than just an idea but an action. 

This is the course we are on. 

Every day, I envision the world I want to live in. I contribute my energy to that creation. That is my inspiration, my dream, my intention and the action I take. I want to wake up tomorrow in that world, an idea that is not only possible but probable. 

We can create this. 

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