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The WaveDecember 5, 2016
I had a powerful lucid dream.
 I was floating on a wave in the ocean.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, clear skies and the water was a rich sea green.  I felt serene and was enjoying being in the water.
 Suddenly, the wave began rising and I was being swept higher and higher and it took my breath away.  I could see a great distance and felt a surge of panic thinking,  this is a tsunami and I'm going to die.
But just as quickly as that panic came in, it faded away and was replaced by the feeling that if I stayed calm, there was no reason why I couldn't simply float on the wave as it went back down.   
I looked around and where the water had receded, the ground showed some ruins of what had been there before.  
I understood; this dream was a metaphor of the great change we are experiencing now.  We are in the throes of a shift in human consciousness which is causing us to completely let go of what we believed to be true.  
Trust, stay calm, stay focused on what is for the highest good of all and we will see this through.
On the Threshold of ChangeNovember 23, 2016
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We are standing on the threshold of great change. We will no longer be pushed and prodded for an agenda that is not held in unity consciousness. I have been seeing a vision of a new Earth and a new stage for the evolution of Humanity for a long time. I continue to observe as the current structures continue to fall apart. I don't look to judge and blame. Instead I open my heart that all may be healed with LOVE and we create a new reality for the highest good of all. Emphasis will shift from how much money is in our bank account to how much love is in our heart. That is the currency of the cosmos!
We are one October 28, 2016
We are universes within ourselves.  Atoms to molecules, molecules to cells, cells to organs, organs to bodies, bodies to planetary bodies, planetary bodies to solar systems, systems to universes, universes to galaxies, galaxies to cosmos, cosmos to creation.  
We are one with creation and ALL THAT IS.
Sept 24th World Peace DaySeptember 24, 2016
Today, Sept 24th is World Peace Day and global meditations are ongoing. Collectively we can achieve PEACE.
In my meditation this morning I was made aware of the infinitely expanding energy of our thought waves, and when connected to the heart the love that flows exponentially into the unified field.  
I was told to focus peace on the word Ankara.  I didn't know what it meant but I held my focus and when I ended my meditation, I looked up the word.
It is the capital city of Turkey!  I knew sending the energetic wave of peace there would add to a domino effect.  Change is coming. 
 Add your thoughts, prayers and intentions to the unified field. Thoughts matter and prayers are heard! Do it individually or join in on a world wide meditation. It only takes a moment to change the world!
Choose PeaceJuly 16, 2016
Choose LOVE! Choose PEACE! 
Fear is a tool of manipulation, power and distraction.
Each moment I keep my attention on love and compassion for where my attention goes energy flows. Sending out love to the departed souls who are magnifying our need to change our world through our desire for PEACE.
PeaceMarch 11, 2016

Peace is a very powerful emanation of neutrality where nothing is polarized and all is in balance.  It is an energetic field of serenity, creating a safe space of love and non judgement.  Within this field is freedom for thoughts and actions to flow as creative expressions, with no polarization to taking sides.  Using any negative force to instigate peace is not possible as that would inherently polarize the energy.  

Be at peace, be peaceful, peace be with you and all Godís creatures, in all forms and fields, collectives, universes, star systems throughout the cosmos.

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