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NOW is Our MomentOctober 30, 2017

The past is done; or is it? New information comes to light and the past changes.
The future is unknown; or is it? We create our future with our thoughts, intentions and actions.
This MOMENT is where we exist, each breath filled with potential and unlimited possibility.
Live not in the past nor the future, but NOW.
May all of our moments be filled with Grace, Love, Compassion and Peace.
Message From the AngelsAugust 13, 2017

Message from the Archangels

The Virtue of Grace is a Gift from God.

Where there is grace, there can be no aggression.  Being in a state of grace is the effortless flowing energy of non judgment, neutrality with boundless compassion and infinite love for all that exists.  The moment we enter that stream of grace it sweeps away any feelings that are less than loving with benevolence and ease.  And when our hearts overflow with the virtue of grace, whether for a moment or a lifetime, we see ALL through the eyes of love.

World PeaceAugust 11, 2017
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We hold the ability to change the world in the palm of our hands.
Focus your intention on world peace and do not be distracted. There is a lot of nuclear rhetoric out there. All is not as it seems. Everyone on the planet today is playing a role, serving a higher purpose to show us that the old matrix of war, power and greed is not sustainable. The frequency of the planet is so high we are all feeling the effects. Let us not focus on who is good and who is evil, but use this light infused energy to illuminate the love that permeates all of existence. With the intercession of the ascended masters, angelics and above all Divine Creator we ARE TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD NOW.
Solar EclipseAugust 2, 2017

In meditation this morning I was given a deeper meaning of the Solar Eclipse coming our way.  

 When the eclipse casts its shadow, the dark represents the pause, the reset, the calm  of nightfall, releasing the fear of the dark and being in the stillness.  And then the light comes back and illuminates all that was hidden.  This light floods our being as a vehicle for love, stimulating our senses and lifting the consciousness of the collective.  

 The Sun and the Moon are not inanimate objects floating in space.  Like us, they are souls, fragments of the Divine Creator that chose to incarnate as celestial bodies, just as we chose to incarnate with human bodies.  

 The Sun represents the energy of the Divine masculine; man as powerful, while not  overpowering others, a warrior and protector while not warring over others, acknowledging intuition over logic.

 The Earth is the embodiment of the Divine feminine, our nurturing and grounding home, offering a symbiotic relationship of mutual loving and caring while we have this physical experience.  

 The Moon represents  luminous, mystical energy, holding the balance between the ebb and the flow of the masculine and the feminine.  

 During this great astronomical event, as the Moon eclipses the Sun, in that moment of pause between the Sun and the Earth, a gateway opens for a reset, for the highest vibrations of photonic, love filled light to come pouring in, allowing the dissolution of the old immobile energy.  As we stand on the precipice of evolution, let us imagine ourselves as giant solar collectors, so we may open our hearts to absorb that love and beam it out to uplift and transform our world.

An Extraordinary LifeJuly 21, 2017

Every day I ask myself; do I want an ordinary life, or an extraordinary one? 
And every day I take that leap of faith, I turn away from fear and be courageous, following the path of passion and joy, leaving struggles behind. For an extraordinary life takes courage and living from a higher perspective, without judgement, only compassion, especially of myself. So every day I climb up and step out onto that high wire of the extraordinary, because from 'up there' everything looks beautiful!

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We Are Not AloneMay 17, 2017

We are not alone. Our ET star families are assisting us, quietly, without fanfare and much needed gratitude.
In a dual meditation with my psychic medium friend Mike Fraraccio whom I am blessed to know, we received an incredible message. It was from our Galactic friends who were giving us validation for recent contact we've both been receiving. They told us they had shut down the cern super particle collider to prevent a tear in the fabric of space. They said the scientists didn't understand what happened. Today I went online and here it is. They blamed it on a weasel!!

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