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Entanglement March 11, 2023

Entanglement: every point in space and time is connected to every other point in space and time and they are connected through consciousness. Thought navigates consciousness, not at the speed of light, but instantaneously.  When we project our thoughts into consciousness it streams our intentions into the collective. When we align our energy with those thoughts we create a cohesive resonance and that’s when a shift happens.  That’s the energy of entanglement. That’s what is happening now!

Winter Solstice December 21, 2022

Solstice reminds us of ancient rituals, stirrings of the soul long forgotten. Here we feel a vulnerability with the dimming of the light. It marks a time of reflection and contemplation felt beneath the blanket of winters’ darkness. In this silence of nature, hear the whispers that come on the winds, reminding us to restore ourselves and renew our light within.

A Delicate BalanceDecember 15, 2022

Only the hand of God can create such a delicate balance to keep celestial bodies in place

As I watched meteors shooting across the sky I am reminded of this.  We are in an evolutionary cycle existing within our galaxy.  This is creating the harmonic frequencies necessary for the soul of the Earth to rise out of the lower densities, clear distorted timelines and rebalance nature through this ascension cycle.

We are all experiencing this ‘mythology come to life’ as an expansion of consciousness that is magnifying EVERYTHING.  It comes as an opportunity to dissolve all that is disharmonious to life, and recognize the innate love and grace that is imbued in our spirit.  

As we reach the December solstice this is a reminder that yet another gateway is opening. Step through.  Let us restore our place in this universal ascension, knowing God is holding it all in balance.  

Winters ApproachNovember 28, 2022

With winter’s approach, I cherish the light filled days more than ever.

The coming holidays feels like balancing between the light and the dark.  On one hand are the memories of childhood wonder-filled moments, family getting together, when we looked to the skies for Santa’s sleigh and hoped for snow on Christmas morning.  On the other is the E-commerce and crushing pressure to purchase that the holidays have become.  Holding on to that “before” energy is what I focus on now; believing there are still moments of magic, moments to treasure and lots of love to give that doesn’t need to be wrapped up and tied with a bow.  Now I look to the skies for luminous winter moons and bright twinkling stars that come with the crisp winter skies, and thats magic enough for me.

Out of the ChaosNovember 28, 2022

Chaos feels very much a part of this Ascension process.  

As I sat this morning I had a vision of beautiful streams of colored lights, etheric ribbons of energy, flowing up, breaking free from the density existing on the planet and bursting out in every direction.  This feels chaotic as these vibrant, high frequency streams unlock new possibilities, new choices for creating.  How do we choose?  In meditation I reconnected with Comte de Saint Germain, an ascended wisdom master who has been known to be at the forefront of each Age of Enlightenment.  He said, “Wisdom is inherent, knowledge is learned.  Within our divinity we carry wisdom but it has been veiled and became superseded by what is taught.  This chaos is disrupting the veil.  Inherent wisdom is a knowing you feel in your heart.  Connect with that.  All potentials lie before you.

Points of DestinyJuly 29, 2022

Points of Destiny

Our soul creates points of destiny that are woven throughout the fabric of a lifetime. 

 Within the many different paths we may take and the infinite amount of choices we may make, there are moments when the past, the present and the future all collide.

  Imagine the timeline stretched out across a lifetime.  Then image it compressing to a singular point.  Everything you have experienced until now and all the possibilities you dream of for the future come together and present a golden opportunity for expansion and soul evolution.  It could be something simple, or exciting, or illuminating.

 Or it could be extremely challenging, pushing you to cross a threshold, an impetus that leads you in a new direction, to go farther then you’ve gone before, opening you up to a different way of living.  You’ve stepped onto a new path.  

 When these points of destiny present themselves, there is a sense of knowing; suddenly everything falls into place, or a new opportunity presents itself in unique ways.  Conversely you can feel like your life is completely shaken up, like you are walking a tightrope that requires you to reach new depths of courage, but you take the leap.

 And then, if you follow your heart, listen to your intuition and trust your instincts, you move through that point of destiny to see what’s on the other side. At that point the timeline will decompresses and you look once again to where you have been and where you are going as a way of accessing how you arrived where you are, in this moment of now.  

 Or, you can resist that magnetic pull, you can deny it, fight it.  But your soul knows this life’s plan and will tap into universal energy sending waves that will light you up in ways that will be impossible to ignore. 

 Someone recently shared with me that a specific message I had presented them with a decade ago came to fruition.  It started me wondering about all the meanderings we take as we move through our lives; how many paths we were on, how many choices we made to lead us to where we are, and when we arrive at these chosen Points of Destiny. 

 I came to understand that no matter what, sooner or later, we arrive at those destined moments.

 So what is the big picture here, what does this all mean.   To me, it says BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!  When you are true to yourself your paths may diverge, but along the way you will be gathering all you need to complete your souls plan. You will meet those moments with an open heart, a clear mind, grounded to the Earth and you will continue to raise your frequency and resonance.  It is written on the stars!

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