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We Are Not AloneMay 17, 2017

We are not alone. Our ET star families are assisting us, quietly, without fanfare and much needed gratitude.
In a dual meditation with my psychic medium friend Mike Fraraccio whom I am blessed to know, we received an incredible message. It was from our Galactic friends who were giving us validation for recent contact we've both been receiving. They told us they had shut down the cern super particle collider to prevent a tear in the fabric of space. They said the scientists didn't understand what happened. Today I went online and here it is. They blamed it on a weasel!!

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The Consciousness ShiftMarch 18, 2017

 The Consciousness Shift

Tools for Transformation  

We are in the midst of a profound shift in human consciousness known as Ascension.  Our 3D selves, embodied in the physical, are merging with the multi dimensional beings of light we truly are.  Everything we thought we knew is being questioned.  The foundations of our social, cultural and economic programming are crumbling, as feelings of uncertainty and chaos run rampant.

 Through divine intervention and with the help of our non-terrestrial star families, the universe is going through an unprecedented wave of ascension, along with every sentient being in it. Our planet is traveling through a highly charged torsion field as our galaxy undergoes a shift in density, raising the Schumann resonance of the Earth, effecting climate change as it restores balance, and the nature of matter as we know it.  This increased vibratory field of photonic light is morphing our cellular structure, recoding our DNA while exquisitely raising the consciousness of the collective to match this unified field of creation.  Opposing the flow of this energy is near impossible as timelines are converging and every thought or idea we generate into our field of perception is quickly manifested.  

 NOW is the time to begin making the most of this energy; to garner tools to not just survive, but THRIVE!  We must learn to accentuate self awareness, leaving polarity behind as we strive for balance.  The resonance of the Earth, a sentient being, is moving us into higher levels of consciousness, dissolving  the illusions of duality, separation and fear, back into the unified field of pure potential in Source Creation.  It is within this field of pure love that we can connect with multi dimensional aspects of our Divine Selves, be inspired to consciously create new lives and a new world, through clear loving thoughts, intuitive intentions and positive actions.

ForgivenessMarch 2, 2017

Our soul chooses our experiences to evolve and grow, there really are no victims and villains. There are many who have been so damaged and deprived of love, their light has dimmed and they are drawn to the light of love in others.  In that way we touch their soul and help just a little or a lot. By understanding this, we can feel forgiveness for all and ourselves for taking on this challenge, let go and know we have made this world a little bit brighter. 

The WaveDecember 5, 2016
I had a powerful lucid dream.
 I was floating on a wave in the ocean.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, clear skies and the water was a rich sea green.  I felt serene and was enjoying being in the water.
 Suddenly, the wave began rising and I was being swept higher and higher and it took my breath away.  I could see a great distance and felt a surge of panic thinking,  this is a tsunami and I'm going to die.
But just as quickly as that panic came in, it faded away and was replaced by the feeling that if I stayed calm, there was no reason why I couldn't simply float on the wave as it went back down.   
I looked around and where the water had receded, the ground showed some ruins of what had been there before.  
I understood; this dream was a metaphor of the great change we are experiencing now.  We are in the throes of a shift in human consciousness which is causing us to completely let go of what we believed to be true.  
Trust, stay calm, stay focused on what is for the highest good of all and we will see this through.
On the Threshold of ChangeNovember 23, 2016
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We are standing on the threshold of great change. We will no longer be pushed and prodded for an agenda that is not held in unity consciousness. I have been seeing a vision of a new Earth and a new stage for the evolution of Humanity for a long time. I continue to observe as the current structures continue to fall apart. I don't look to judge and blame. Instead I open my heart that all may be healed with LOVE and we create a new reality for the highest good of all. Emphasis will shift from how much money is in our bank account to how much love is in our heart. That is the currency of the cosmos!
We are one October 28, 2016
We are universes within ourselves.  Atoms to molecules, molecules to cells, cells to organs, organs to bodies, bodies to planetary bodies, planetary bodies to solar systems, systems to universes, universes to galaxies, galaxies to cosmos, cosmos to creation.  
We are one with creation and ALL THAT IS.
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