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In Every TearsropMay 28, 2024

In every teardrop is an ocean of emotions. 

I’ve often thought of why we cry.

I cry at the drop of a hat, as my family will attest to. Whatever emotion is tugging at my heart, joyful moments or sad ones, the tears come. 

When emotions are flowing, it makes sense that they would begin to bubble over and we cry. Teardrops become the physical manifestation of that emotion.

So don’t hold them back, don’t bottle them up, let them flow. Because in every teardrop is an ocean of emotion. 

ListenApril 24, 2024

The soul speaks to the heart.  God speaks to the soul.

Let your heart guide your thoughts to emit a vibration of peace, stability, gratitude and a vision of what comes next, what you bring to the collective and into this world.  Our minds may be filled with clutter, but our hearts will always speak our souls truth.  Use your mind to fulfill the wishes of your heart and not the other way round. May the force of light be with you. 🌠

A Meditation to Re-energizeMarch 8, 2024

Close your eyes.  

Feel yourself being lifted out of your body.  You are moving above the lower densities, leaving reality behind as you move into ascending waves of consciousness connected with Source.  You see a point of light and move towards it.  As you get closer it begins to expand.  It envelops you and you are drawn inside the light and you are one with it.  All of your senses are heightened and you feel a part of all that is.  This light is emanating pure love and as you absorb it you feel completely at peace.  

You feel the love and support of all the souls you are connected to and know that nothing in time and space can weaken those bonds. You magnetize the light of the divine creator into your heart and feel it flow through you and expand into all of consciousness.  You are both the creation and the creator in a sea of infinity.  You are safe, held within this light of love.  Soon you become aware of the Earth below you.  You see this energy of love flowing down into the planet.  You feel the sense of home and it begins to draw you back and ground you into your body.  You feel energized, renewed and know you are loved beyond measure. 

Mini MiraclesDecember 19, 2023
Synchronicity are mini miracles.
When I had to postpone a long awaited reading due to illness, my client was understandably disappointed. A few weeks later, I gave them my first available appointment. When we began, they were so excited because it was actually the birthday of the loved one they were connecting with. Synchronicity at its best! When your highest self aligns with your deepest desires, in the most joyful way, miracles happen!

EmergeOctober 6, 2023

It’s interesting that the word EMERGE is hidden inside the word EMERGENCY.

After an emergency [a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action] we may emerge [move out of or away from, survive, facts become apparent, important].   How we respond, what we learn, and how we move forward is how we  EMERGE from that experience. 

We are having some of the biggest challenges of our lives during this period of intense change.  It’s like being in the ocean and getting hit with one wave after another.  Staying calm, riding the crest, and knowing when to get out of the water is imperative.  Paying close attention to our intuition [receiving messages] and instincts [taking action] will keep us connected to higher consciousness and out of fear.  Breathe, be calm and trust your soul.

BioluminescenceAugust 26, 2023

In an early morning, meditative state, I began remembering an instance of connecting with an ‘other worldly’ group.  

 As I remembered, I recreated the experience and when I did, I was suddenly transported to that moment and I could feel my consciousness becoming more and more expansive. Thats when I received the message “When you raise your vibration, you become bioluminescent.”

 I was shown the comparison between sea creatures in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean who create light with bioluminescence and what happens to us when we move our consciousness out of the deep, 3D density on Earth.  We ‘light up’.    Souls, guardians and other worldly beings look to this light to gauge the energetic state of the planet and everything on it.  It’s a way of tapping into streams of consciousness and making adjustments to the flow.  

 So if you find yourself in a slump, reimagine a magical moment, one that took you out of your conscious awareness and transported you to a mystical time or happening.  Shine your light. You may just call in the assistance you are seeking and insight comes your way, lifts your spirit and turns your frown upside down :)

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