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Hi Daria - by Jill
Hi Daria,

I just want to tell you again how much your reading gave me SO MUCH PEACE. After our last e-mail communication I got a huge huge confirmation from something you said. I am still absolutely amazed at what happened and am so so so thankful that I followed my intuition and contacted you for the reading. I am sending you eternal gratitude and hugs too. I am so very thankful that people like you share your gift.

Love from Jill
reading - by Laura
Hi Daria,
I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the time you spent with me today. To say that I was amazed would be an understatement. I spent some time with my mom and told her of my experience with you and I think she may call you.
Thank you again Daria.

Some validations - by Karleen
Hi Daria,

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading on Friday April 11th in Australia.
I have had some interesting results that I thought I would update you on.

My brotherís wife you said was due in June and I said no Aug. Well I called her yesterday and I told her what you said and she told me that on Thursday she found out that she may deliver as early as June. The baby would only be about 26 weeks.

The name Ronny that came through... I called my Aunt and she did not know anyone by that name, however and hour later she received and e-mail from the wife of their best man from their wedding whose name is Ronny and she told them that he had 24 hours to live. He died with in 24 hours.

It seems like a lot of my husbands family came through, his father and grandfather are both Charles, so is my husbandís brother.

The number 6 came up a lot and my dad was diagnosed in June.

My sister confirmed that carnations are her favorite flower and they were in her wedding bouquet.

You said the name Julia, but then said that my daughter sleeps w/ a doll or something. When I woke her up the next morning she was sleeping with her doll whose name on her shirt is Julia, she has had the doll since she was 7 months old.

The Postal Service reference could have been for my dads step dad who is still alive; he worked for the Postal Service.
My dadís brother was in town and had just visited him on the day that he died.

The person who plays the piano is my Aunt and her grandmother.
Thank you - by Jill
The experience was extremely positive and I received more then I ever expected.
You are amazing!
I hope I can do this again.
Postcard newsletter - by Anabel
Just beautiful Daria, sometimes signs, messages are all around us if we only just open up to them. Thank you for sharing this lovely story.
Postcard newsletter - by Gail
Wow! This is an incredible story. To me, it just verifies that there is a life after death and that our loved ones are always with us and waiting for us to join them.
Thanks for the message.
Postcard newsletter - by Michele
Wow Daria that is truly amazing. It is really special to have what you have. Most people are usually busy in life to notice these little signs but because of your work you are able to show these hidden messages and share them with everyone. I know this because from you reading me over the years I have listened to what you say during the readings and now I analyze things that I would have never taken notice to before. And that is because of you. I appreciate all that you have shown me and taught me through your readings and I am always glad that you share your experiences with me because it makes me continue to notice the little things.
Be well.
Postcard newsletter - by Barb
Good evening Daria!!
I have a wonderful warm feeling after reading your story. I cannot thank you enough for sharing with me. It is always a blessing when we share the love, hope and even sorrows. When our loved ones pass over, we are so sad, and must deal with our missing them. But I too believe in messages of hope and love, and do take my time to talk with our Lord, and pray that I can communicate with my beloved son, Sean. Yes, there are others, but I have been so focused on him lately. It has been two years now, but seems like yesterday.
I wanted to share something with you----similar to yours.
As I have shared with you before, I know I was in the ER with my son, even when he already passed. But so much is a blur. I was stunned and in shock. The other night, I was very restless. I had awakened in the morning, crying, hugging my pillow. I was with Sean, holding him, and reliving the ER. But this time he knew I was there, and I do believe he was showing me. He let me hold him, even though I was a MESS for a good hour. But that love and warmth I felt is unexplainable. But I am sure you quite well know what I was feeling.
When you had told me last visit about GONE FISHING, I finally went through my sons personal things. I found an old lottery ticket that said GONE FISHING. Another incident was while looking at screens on my computer, they had added new ones. GONE FISHING was the one that threw me for a loop. A happy loop though. So this is on my screen.
For the first year after Sean passed, at age 33, everything I bought, change I received, always had 33 in it. This had passed for a year, so I had just forgotten about it. Well, this year, it has started again. 33 is the number that keeps appearing. Is this amazing or what??? :o))
I felt compelled to share all this. I guess your wonderful sharing inspired me to let loose here. I surely hope you donít mind!!!!
Blessings as always, Barbara.
P.S. Is the book coming full circle yet? I look forward to your signing, and you know Iíll be there!!! I am so excite about it, and for you!!!
Have a wonderful week.
What I missed - by Jody
Hi again Daria!
Just wanted to let you know that when I read my notes (again) I saw the words gun shot, guns ... and that''s what I missed! - my dad''s cousin had shot herself! These are the connections to her: gun shot, twin, really dark hair, letter "m" (last name), suicide and blood. I really think her sister (twin) will want to know! "I''m here, I''m here!!" Thank you again!
Also, this morning I had coffee with my sister Linda and I told her I had a message from dad. I started to just read off my notes and when I said cross country skiing she jumped up and said last night she had a dream she was cross country skiing! She''s never been cross country skiing or dreamt of it before! I said dad wants you to believe this message!
Wow! Rick (my husband) was really comforted when I talked about his mom and the angels. This has been a great experience and again, thank you and I so appreciate that you are willing to share your gift.
I called my dads cousin (the other twin) - she was so accepting and happy I called her. She has felt at peace about her sister because she had a vision of her sister and mom together and knew her twin was finally at peace and that was what she had wished for her.
We talked for almost two hours - she''s a believer of the law of attraction and had planned to call my mom this week! This has been such a spiritual experience!
Thank you again!

With gratitude,
my reading - by Joe
Hi Daria,
I have to say after going back and reading what you said, a few more things came true. In your reading you said my mom and some people were working on me meeting someone and you said you kept seeing a girl, 26 with short brown hair and 4 months ago I met a girl who is 26, has short brown hair and she is the sweetest person in the world. Also, the names Lori, and Lorraine came up in your reading, and her sister is Lori and her moms name is Lorraine. I just thought Iíd let you know.
Iím not going to lie to you, before I had that reading with you I really never believed in this stuff. I mean I believe in God and Jesus, but I had my questions about psychics and mediums. But Iím a believer now that you are a messenger and have an incredible gift. I still struggle a little everyday with the loss of my mom, and I wonder where she is and try to imagine heaven and the life they live there, and sometimes I wish I could get a glimpse of it, for just 1 minute.
Keep me posted on the release of your book. Thanks, Joe

Healing - by Deb
Hello Daria,
You may remember me from a group reading in October of last year. ( You wrote about it in one of your blogs.) My husband was very insistent on coming through, and interrupted everyone''s reading, making the readings quite humorous. I was feeling guilty about seeing someone new, and you reassured me that you felt enveloped with love, and he wanted me to go on living. When you were reading the last person from the group, whom I was sitting next to, you were having difficulty connecting, and asked me to go into another part of the other room. You sat down in my chair, and asked her, "So who is the teacher in your life?" Janice smiled and pointed to me! You jumped out of the chair and then pointed for me to go into a completely different room. Dan behaved himself enough for Janice to get a good reading.
I am still greatful for your help in my healing.
Deb Sheedy
My 1st experience - by Monica


I hope this email finds you well. Thanks so much for a wonderful reading. This was my first experience communicating with the other side. I have nothing but wonderful memories and the reading has helped me to remember how special those memories are and the individuals who are associated with them. After our reading, I laughed and cried. I laughed because of the songs or names that were mentioned in the reading. I cried because my heart and spirit were blessed to hear from friends and relatives on the other side who are watching over me. Times have really been difficult, but a sense of relief has come over me.

Thanks again.

Monica Bell

My neice's murder - by Kim
Two years ago my niece was murdered. I called Daria to get a reading , and she was truly amazing with things she knew. Before this reading two years ago I had never spoke or heard of Daria. I found her by internet and took a desperate chance because of (my niece) Ashley''s death. Daria asked me who was Michael, this is my boyfriends name, who is a big skeptic. About an hour before the reading me and MIchael were talking about Michael and my brother, Ashley''s dad, who were planning a trip to go hog hunting. During my reading Daria says she sees pigs running around going "oink oink". I started laughing, and then told her about their trip we were just talking about.She says this was a validation from Ashley that she still hears and sees everything going on. I told Daria nothing about the way my niece died nor who had died. Daria gave me every name or the first letter of their name of people involved in her death. People we just realized at the trial in December 2006 that this is who Daria was talking about. When I called Daria it was only about 2 weeks after she had died, so we knew some things ,but not alot. It''s really hard because you want to know everything but they won''t tell even the victims family nothing because of the investigation, so some things took two years for us to know. But we did know two men were directly involved. She asked me who was "John"? He was the killer, I busted out crying, because I knew I said nothing to her about this,my reading was extremely emotional, even today when you hear it. She gave me the letter " L" said this person had something to do with this. The other man''s name is , Larry! She also said that a person with the letter "D" was involved, at the trial we learned a girl named "Dorothy" drove him out of town when he heard the police were looking for him. This man murdered his wife 10 days before my niece. He put her in a box , but had not gotten rid of her yet,when he murdered my niece and got caught. We felt Ashley found out about the wife, and this is what brought on her death. He drugged Ashley then wrapped her in seran wrap. The police first assumed she died of drugs, because of the man Larry''s story, about what happened that night. He was the rat that got scared and turned his friend in. Daria told me there were drugs involved, and it was transported in something. Right before the trial we learned from someone at court, that John and Larry put drugs in fifth''s of liqour and drugged girls to have sex with them. He had accidently given one of their fifths to this couple. ( now ex friends of John and Larry) It all made sense what Daria was getting, he transported the drugs in liqour. We never knew this couple, my sister in law was over heard talking at the court house about this John and Larry.This couple got involved only because they were at court for something else and over heard her talking and that''s when they told her their story of the drugged liqour they had given to this couple by mistake. It took about 6 months maybe more to get the death certifcate. During the reading Daria could not see who or how this person died, for the longest. Then she says, "oh my god this person was asphyxiated", I knew she was wrapped in seran wrap, and Daria did not know. When we finally got the death certifcate her reason of death, Daria you hit it right on the head, Reason: Asphyxiation by suffication
Daria was right on target and our feelings were also correct, she had not died from just drugs. She did have alot in her system , so we feel he fed her the liqour she passed out and he wrapped her. The coroner testified she was alive when he wrapped her. Daria also gave me two numbers and said she wasn''t sure what they meant, but they meant something to this. One was 38 and the other was 26. Two years ago I had no idea, but on January 26 the man John was sentenced to 60 years for Ashley''s death. On March 8 (38) he was sentenced to life for killing his wife. She gave us both dates of the sentencings for both trials. She also told us it would be two years before this came to and end. It happened in Sept. 2004 we went to trial in December 2006. Wow, Daria you are quite amazing.I know you credit Ashley for the info, but I credit both of you. Ashley knew how much I believed in this life after death, we watched shows on it and spoke often about things like this. About a week after she died I had a crystal bowl that fell of my china hutch. Daria asked me in my reading if something crystal had just fallen from high and broke? I freaked, she said it was her rattling my rafters. Because she wanted it all to come out. And Daria knew nothing about her death. Daria I have had things happen in my house that I truely believe it''s from her. I felt someone tap my foot 3 times, one night while I was in bed, another night I opened my eyes and a girl was standing over me, just looking at me. It was a silhouette, but you could tell what it was, but the instant I tried to focus, and I bugged my eyes out of my head, she was gone. I was not afraid but I kept looking over there in that spot . Both times my room was pitch black . Another night recently right before our last reading I asked her to give me a sign, I said you can even break crystal again, I don''t care, just come. About 5 hours later I woke up from the couch to go get in bed, and a picture fell off my wall onto a statue an then a glass candle fell and broke all over the floor. It scared me at first, I was not exspecting a loud boom at 4 am, but then I laughed and said out loud ,ok you didn''t have to break the staue too. And I just went to bed. I could go on and on because Daria has said some quite amazing things that have come true before or sometimes after our readings. You were given a special gift an I want you to know I appreciate,and my family thanks you for sharing it with us. It brings great peace to know we can still connect with our loved ones and it brings peace to my heart to know she is around me and helping me. Thanks Daria from, Kim, Teresa and Cassie. We Love You
group reading - by Nik
Hi Daria,
First, I would like to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave last week. I was part of the group in Nicole''s salon. You truly gave me a gift that afternoon. Being able to hear from my friend, Marc, gave me a lot of peace since I now know he is doing well and is in good spirits [no pun intended].
Thank you, again. And thank you so much for your time.
reading - by Hanna
thank you for my reading daria just to wish you well and lighting a candle godbless
reading - by Annette
Hi Daria;
I just had to drop a line to you. You mentioned a red ribbon and then asked if I had a card of Jesus.
When you spoke of the ribbon, I knew somehow it was immediately around me but I couldn''t think of why I felt that.
After I was off the phone I kept feeling the ribbon around me and suddenly thought of my old childhood Marian Missal for the Daily Mass. I don''t know if you''re Catholic and remember the Missal, but we - as Catholic School Students were required to own one and I still have mine and I keep it on the headboard shelf of my bed.
I reached for it and just allowed it to open where it willed and there, starring up at me was a Holy Card of Jesus, and behind (almost stuck to it) was a scarlet/purple strand of ribbon, the only one left of what used to be the original six. I turn the card over and it reads:

In loving Memory of Irene who departed this life October 19, 1988"

I knew immediately that it wasn''t anyone in my family so I went out to my partner and asked him if he knew this person, he replied "Yes, that''s my Aunt on my Father''s side."

I believe his family wants me to know that they are looking after him and are with him.
Thank you so much and God bless you always
Annette P
The cat story - by Marie
Thank you for such a beautiful story. I will have to keep this on the frig Ö..we have two cats and 3 dogs amongst our family. I will forward this to some of my friends that love animals.

Have a Beautiful Holiday. Marie
My Husband - by Annette
Hi Daria:

On Sept 18th I had a WONDERFUL reading with you. It truly was one of the most exciting experience of my life. Just to update you; within the reading my family (mom to be exact) said there was good news regarding health and it seemed to center around Steve. 10 days (Sept 28th) later Steve had a ''stress test'' done which lead to them telling him he''d need by-pass surgery. On the ride home that day I looked up at the sky and said "But God, my family told me there was GOOD news about his health. I don''t think this is very good news!" At that very moment a 4 beam stream of glorious sunlight broke through the dark cloud I was looking at. They were the most beautiful rays I had ever seen streaming straight toward me. Then I said "I''m sorry, your right-this is good news". After the operation (on Oct 3rd-5 by-passes and a valve fixed) the surgeon told me if he hadn''t come in for the testing he would not have lived out the week. The funny thing about it, he wasn''t going to go, I had insisted and the reason I did was because Mom had said there was good news and I wanted him (as well as myself) to see what the good news was.

It''s been very busy here since our reading and I really have not had a chance to thank you. I read your news letter in which you state you are going through testing steps at the University of Arizona''s Medium Research Program. I think this is wonderful for you but I, for one, do Not need them to tell me that you have a God Given Gift.
Thank you again so very much.
God Bless You, Annette
Thank you - by Holly
It was great talking with you the other day. It gave me a lot of peace. I thank God for you because I wouldn''t have had this without you. Thank you,


11/2/06 - by Nancy
What a wonderful reading! I''ll be buying gift certificates for Christmas gifts this year. All my loved ones need to experience your gift. Thanks again!
Our meeting - by Barbara
Hi Daria!

I wanted to thank you again for our reading in September. So much of what was shared, from you, made sense in many ways.

I am able to take a better look at my life, and having information especially from my passed son, has shed new light on so much.

I do mourn him every day, and dread the holidays. I remember you had told me I had HIGH ENERGY. I am doing my best to focus, find quiet time, and I know that my son is here more than I ever noticed before. I do find peace in that. But as we always know, death is hard, we miss them so much. Life has to go on. As difficult as that may be at times.

I will be getting in touch to renew a visit in the three months as you suggested.

I feel stronger now, and I do thank you and God!!

Best to you and your family, Barbara
reading 6/30/2006 - by kathleen gersch
I enjoyed the reading very much. she gave me meaningful dates & names that she did not know. I am thankful for what this gifted woman shared with me. thank you for a wonderful experience. kathleen
Amazing Info that She Couldn't Have Known - by Pam and Paul
It is amazing how Daria will call out real names and dates that are meaningful to us; that can''t be guessed! My husband and I had separate readings on different days, neither was present at the other one''s reading. Yet, when we compared readings, there were distinct similarities on our future together and what we were planning to do. We were amazed at the detail and accuracy!

My husband was an open minded skeptic, but is now a true believer. Thank you so much Daria.

Pam and Paul
reading - by Anabel
First of all I just wanted to thank you for your patience during our interupted reading(s). Second of all, I wanted to thank you for your messages from my loved ones. At the time most of it did not make any sense, (chalk it up to anmesia) but after speaking with my mother, all of it was pretty clear who was coming through. Thank you again, I look forward to having another reading with you. May you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
My First Reading - by Ray
Daria was great with the reading and there were so many points that came across dealing with my life.A close friend of mine came through in the reading and it gave me great comfort and peace to here from him.Daria is one of a kind and it was a experience and I would do it again.
Readings from Daria - by Lisa K
I have been read by Daria for the past three years and she has connected to almost everyone who has past in my life. My first reading with Daria, she brought up the name Jeremy, who was my girlfriend''s son who passed away at four years old. I had always felt a special bond to Jeremy when he was alive and since he passed in 1988. I had not had any contact with his mother since he passed away. My first reading with Daria, the name Jeremy came out. She told me that she saw him with a raggedy stuffed bunny that was a stuffed animal Jeremy had with him all the time. Daria knew that Jeremy did not die right away. She also said she saw him in a meadow with green grass and a rainbow which is a symbol of beautiful place. I have always felt Jeremy around me and he has come through in every reading I have had with Daria. Finally, in my last reading, Daria explained to me that I needed to let Jeremy go and to tell him to go toward the light. So, I hung up with Daria and did what she told me to do. Since then, I have not felt Jeremy. I know now he is where he should be. Thanks to Daria, Jeremy and I have both finally let go. She helped me do that. I could go on writing for hours about my personal reading with Daria. Every reading I have had with Daria has been a profound experience. It brings me comfort to know that people who have passed are still with me.
My Readings with Daria - by Michele Culmone
I am posting this message for all who have had the priviledge of being read by Daria and those who have yet to understand her gift and are viewing her website checking out the testimonials. Daria has been given me readings now for past two years. My first reading was in hopes of hearing from my mother who passed away 14 years prior to my reading. I had never felt the presence of my mother since her passing. This didnt make sense to me because I felt that my mother and I were so close and we were so much alike, looks and mannerisms, that I thought I should have felt some type of connection or presence since her passing. Daria was able to connect with my mother in my reading and though her connection I felt the essence of my mother, I felt her words and her emotions through what Daria was telling me. Although, I still dont feel my mother''s presence, I will always have the connection that Daria made through her reading. Truly, I feel I was given a gift. I like to feel that Daria has now become someone who I refer to as my spiritual guider. I have had four more readings in the past two years and my last reading was in December. Of Course, I called Daria for the guidance I feel she gives me through the people that have passed in my life and of course wanting to hear from my mother is always on the top of my list. This reading was about my father''s side of the family. Relatives who I really dont keep in contact with but nonetheless my relatives. She talked first about my father''s father who had passed. Then she started asking me about Jerry and Steven, who are my first cousin''s. To make a long story shorter, she told me that Steven''s child was sick and that they are waiting for test results because something is wrong with Steven''s baby. I told Daria that I didn''t know anything about this because we have not kept in touch and she didn''t give up on the subject. She also told me that my father''s mother, Lillian, whom she called by her name, was praying to Mother Mary for Steven''s child. Daria told me to try and contact my relatives to see if everything was okay and to let them know that Lillian was praying to Mary for them. I did and my father told me just this evening that there was something wrong with Steven''s child and they were waiting on results from the doctor. So, you may want to hear about the things that are most important to you but sometimes the connection comes through for what is important at that moment. Daria, I think you and guide are an amazing team. Truly gifted! Keep up everything that you are doing and never stop! You have helped me in ways that no one ever could. Thank you.
Holly Golightly - by Michele
During a reading with Daria, she told me my grandmother is around my 6 year with the "A" name alot (Her name happens to be Alyssa) and then asked if my second daughter''s name was Hailey. I said No. Then Daria said oh, I got it, she is saying Holly Golightly. I said, Now I really don''t know what that means and Daria then told me that was a character in an Audrey Hepburn movie. I almost fell off the chair because the day before I was looking at a picture of Audrey Hepburn on a video cover and told my friend Lisa how my daughter Jennifer had the same eyes and looked like a young Audrey Hepburn. I now know my grandmother is with me and heard me that day. There is no other explanation.
My encounter - by Maryann
This was my first experience with a medium, I was curious and desperately wanted to hear from someone in particular. When the reading began there were other signals coming through. Then the picture started to come into focus and Darias statements were very specific. I was thrilled. The details she spoke of made even more sense when I shared my experience with other family members, it was like connecting the dots and getting the whole story. The loss my family suffered was sudden. Through Daria, the messages and connections I experienced offered great comfort to my family and me. I would encourage anyone struggling with grief or doubts in their lives to put any fears aside and share some time with Daria. She truly is a gifted individual and I would like to thank her for sharing her unique ability.
A Brilliant Guide - by Laura Simpson
Daria has a wonderful gift. Expect enlightenment and understanding from her readings. You won''t be disappointed.
Reading - by Therese
I was on the train this morning when I reached into my pocket to discover several pages that I had written during a reading with Daria. There were so many messages coming through during this reading I was only able to jot down a word or two. She told me to read John Setinbachís The Winter of Our Discontent. I purchased the book and began to read it. There were many references to what was going on in my life each time I picked up the book to continue where I left off. The store that the main character worked in was owned by an Italian immigrant, my grandfather owned a store and he emigrated from Italy. In the beginning there were references to whales and China imports. My youngest son is very interested in whales and I am in the process of trying to have a product manufactured in China. One of the references in the book was about Good Friday and how the stores close between 12 and 3 because nobody talks. I began reading the book after Easter and on Good Friday I did not speak from 12 to 3, which was a huge sacrifice for me. I still have not finished the book. Each time I pick up the book to read it I find that at certain points, I become so tired that I have to put the book down. Then I either cannot find the book or when I do find the book and begin to read it again, there is a direct reference to something that is going on in my life. There were references to psychic readings and starting a business. Prior to reading this I had gone for a reading to inquire about my new business venture. Memorial weekend, the book got wet and blew up (bloated), it was twice as thick as when I purchased it. The next day I had to rush my dog to the hospital because he had the bloat and my options were to operate or he would die. We operated. Anyway, this was a very unusual coincidence. At the end of June, the book referenced summertime at this resort town and plans for the 4th of July. Prior to picking up the book again, I was planning what to do for the 4th of July because it was my sonís birthday (the one who likes whales). I havenít read the book in quite sometime; however, each time I pick the book up to read, there is something that parallels my life at the time of the reading. I canít find the book again, however, Iím sure that it will show up when I should begin to read it again. The question was why did she tell me to read this bookÖÖÖ..I think it is because I recognize many of those who passed on as characters in this book.
Besides the book, I wrote down rainbow and business plan. At the time I did not know what this meant............well, I wrote a business plan and each section was separated by a page that had a rainbow on it. I guess that means that someone on the other side was with me while I wrote the business plan.
My reading - by Jared
I just wanted to say that my reading with Daria was intense and highly emotional at points, and relieving and assuring at others. Not only was she communicating and connecting with loved ones of mine who had passed, she provided me with unquestionable personal information that I had only shared with my departed loved ones. It was a unique experience that I recommend to everyone who has questions about loved ones who have moved on.
thank you - by michelle
Not only have I had wonderful messages come through Daria, my mother also heard fromloved ones she misses very much. I am also very lucky to be getting to know Daria as a person, and a friend.She has a special gift that is very obvious from the moment you meet her. Thank you Daria for also putting up with my endless questions and cuiosity.
The Rainbow - by Deanna
In a reading from Daria she said I would be seeing a suprise rainbow from my son Kevin who passed and it would happen when I least expected it. About two months later on the exact day I bought a book entitiled One Last Hug Before I Go about death bed visions and afterlife communications, I brought the book home, took my dog out for a walk on a
sunny day and looked in the sky to see a beautiful rainbow that was vertical instead of the usual horizontal type of rainbow.I said "HELLO KEVIN!"
Used to be a disbeliever! - by Neil
I was always opposed to having a reading until I met Daria. I never believe in the whole "psychic" thing. Daria was able to verify events of my past that no one could have ever known. It was amazing and I can''t wait to go back again. I invite anyone with any skepticism to try a reading with Daria before they cast any doubt! See for yourself!
A Sense of Peace - by Mindy
My first experience of speaking with Daria has left me with an incredible sense of peace. Through Daria''s work I was able to finally come to peace with someone who had so severely hurt me and still even after 10 years after their passing had a strong hold on my ability to move ahead. The irony of it is that despite the fact that I had blamed this person and this person validated that they were indeed responsible for so much pain, through Daria I was able to find out that this person was now going to become a driving positive force in my future. I cannot begin to explain the depth of the sense of well being I have now because of this as well as my gratitude to Daria for being the medium to bring this life altering message to me. I look forward to speaking with her again in the very near future.
My Life has changed - by Nancy
Daria''s gift has changed my life forever. My outlook on death has gone from grief-stricken sadness to knowing my family will always be with me. Little did I know that all along my loved ones have been guiding me and helping me get thru my difficulties. She has taught me to recognize the signs from both my Father & Mother who still love me and want the best for me. It is so comforting to know they never really left me. I hope this website will enable many others to experience the joy and comfort Daria can bring. I believe my loved ones guided me to her, and for that I will be forever grateful. I have been truly blessed.
My Mom is Great!!! - by Daria's Daughter
I am so proud to say that Daria Justyn is my Mother! She is an amazing Medium! She impresses everyone with her readings, and I hope that I one day can follow in her footsteps!
reading - by Pat Grabinski
I had a reading with Daria and it was the most wonderful experience I could have had. My father died 2 years ago and I was anxious to hear anything from him and I did. Another thing Daria told me was that my cousin Grace wanted to acknowledge the white Easter liles, Daria told my they were on a grave site and that maybe somebody planted them. I knew nothing of them until I spoke to my cousin and she asked her father about them. He told her that they plant them every Easter on the grave. Everything Daria told me in the reading had a meaning for me. Thanks again Daria
My experience - by Goldy
During my reading with Daria, I was especially moved when my mother came through. Clearly from what she said it was her and I felt her essence. It was a touching moment as briefly the veil was pushed away and once again I had contact with her. A glorious reunion awaits!
Looking for signs - by A message from Daria to all
I wanted to share a thought. Most people I speak with, are looking for signs that their loved ones are around them. Here is what I tell them. "You are looking for fireworks, when you should be looking for fireflies".
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