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Winter Solstice and the alignmentDecember 21, 2020
This is a really important day. The star of Bethlehem!

Celebrate! You are here for this once in a lifetime, 800 year event; the alignment of planets in Aquarius, On the solstice, that ushers in the beginning of a new age, heralding the reemergence  of The Christ consciousness  This unifies humanity and magnifies our consciousness to collectively create a new world. Please join your energy!
Excellence in Experience AwardsOctober 8, 2020

Voting is open until Oct 30th if your so inclined! Thanks!
June Summer SolsticeJune 20, 2019

Stone circles marked what ancients knew and we’ve forgotten; that summer solstice is a portal for streams of higher consciousness to illuminate and enlighten the planet.

 Externally our Sun is streaming 5D consciousness to Earth. Internally our heart is our ‘sun central’ attuned to the energies coming in from this radiant portal of love/light.  The more our cells are able to absorb, the faster we generate the internal alchemy to uplift and transform ourselves.  Together we have the HEART to bring ourselves back into balance as divine expressions of love.

winter solsticeDecember 21, 2018

Dec. 21st Solstice when the world hangs in the balance between light and dark. Intend your energy to flow through this gateway of exquisite brilliance to unify and amplify the Christ consciousness of peace, love and ascension for all.
Group ReadingsMarch 18, 2017
I am presently in NJ and doing group readings.  To set up an in- home event please email souls@dariajustyn.com
Evolving Soul RadioMay 17, 2016

Join me on Evolving Soul with host Melissa Cubillas (MC)
on Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, June 19th at 7:30pm EDT
We will be taking your calls!

(914) 338-0499


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