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We are LOVEFebruary 18, 2018

If we are the image and likeness of God, and God is infinite love; then every creature, every creation in all the world, is the incarnation of Absolute LOVE.

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Stepping into Higher Consciousness and Evolving MeditationJanuary 24, 2018

It has come into my awareness that we are evolving to the point of being able to enter streams of higher consciousness in a fast and easy way.  Think of it as taking the training wheels off of a bicycle.

 Previously, in meditation, we removed ourselves from being consciously aware of our physical environment through a series of steps meant to disengage us from our reality.  Using a variety of techniques such as grounding and connecting to Gaia/Earth, running energy up through the chakras, visualizing, listening to sounds or music, focusing on breath, we expanded our consciousness until our awareness of self as a physical body was gone.  

 NOW, our solar system has traveled into a highly charged section of the galaxy, what physicists are calling a “photonic fog”; a cosmic field of such a high vibration it is upgrading our DNA and propelling us into a higher dimension. 

 As we move out of third dimensional time/space boundaries and enter into fourth/fifth  dimensional energy, merging realities and expressions of our multi dimensional selves becomes much easier.

 Not long ago, while daydreaming, I was shown this visual: 

Imagine you are standing in front of a shallow pond.  You step into the pond, and the force of your energy sends a ripple effect out through the entire pond.  The water and everything within the pond feels the movement and responds in synchronicity.  Imagine the water moves, the seaweed waves, the sea life in the pond feel your movement.  Everything in that pond has become aware of your energetic frequency.  You have become one with the pond.

 Using this image as an analogy to understand the concept, I then saw my purest form just stepping forward into higher streams of consciousness in such a simple way.  I see/feel my etheric self sending my energy out in a wave that breaks the time/space barriers and connects to the quantum field of higher consciousness instantaneously.  I AM THERE.

 This is an opportunity to STEP INTO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in a most efficient way, evolving from former rituals, in just one moment, like stepping into that pond.  By connecting to our fifth dimensional selves and beyond, we have access to streams of  energy, consciousness, and beings that we are able to experience via our resonance.

 So NOW, I simply step into the quantum field.  I see my energy as a force field emanating all around me and breaking through barriers.  I am outside of time and space and bask in the limitless, blissful, expansive magical place of higher consciousness I call HOME.  
Happy NOW Year 2018January 1, 2018

Welcome to The NOW Year, 2018, when every magnificent possibility exists in our field of potential.
As we speed along, the old timeline is collapsing, and with it SO MUCH DEBRIS is being cleared out of the human collective. We are evolving from humans to hue-mans, our DNA directing the course of this crystalline transfiguration into a heightened spiritual state. Supported with the higher consciousness of the Christed light, we will see our world transformed.
Winters' IntrospectionDecember 22, 2017

As the solstice ends, it brings winters’ soft light; a time of introspection, going within and reconnecting with our deepest thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams. 
It is a time to elevate our consciousness, to listen to what our heart is telling us and where our intuition is guiding us. It ushers in the most Divine season and moves us to open our hearts to humankind, to see each other as brothers and sisters who expand our lives through diversity as we share this globe.
And it is Peace across this jewel of a planet that is my greatest desire. 
After decades of never ending war, it is time for this warring to end. Universal Law, the law of Universal Peace, Brother and Sisterly Love, individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, these are the laws we need to follow. And when Peace finally reigns, we can move out of war and into LOVE and create the lives we dream of. 
During this season of ‘Peace on Earth and Good will to Men’ let us be as human transmitters of Divine Love to make that wish our reality.
I wish you Love, Peace, Freedom and Prosperity!
NOW is Our MomentOctober 30, 2017

The past is done; or is it? New information comes to light and the past changes.
The future is unknown; or is it? We create our future with our thoughts, intentions and actions.
This MOMENT is where we exist, each breath filled with potential and unlimited possibility.
Live not in the past nor the future, but NOW.
May all of our moments be filled with Grace, Love, Compassion and Peace.
Message From the AngelsAugust 13, 2017

Message from the Archangels

The Virtue of Grace is a Gift from God.

Where there is grace, there can be no aggression.  Being in a state of grace is the effortless flowing energy of non judgment, neutrality with boundless compassion and infinite love for all that exists.  The moment we enter that stream of grace it sweeps away any feelings that are less than loving with benevolence and ease.  And when our hearts overflow with the virtue of grace, whether for a moment or a lifetime, we see ALL through the eyes of love.

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