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Pressure From the ShiftNovember 7, 2018

People everywhere are clamoring to make sense of what is going on in the world.  It seems like we are all waking up from a deep slumber, looking around and acknowledging that the very foundations of what we perceived as stability are being swept away, like debris in the wind, shaking us to our core.


 We are witnessing a tremendous rise in the frequency of the planet and the Earth is literally manifesting great changes; erupting volcanoes, tremendous storms, quakes that shift tectonic plates giving rise to tsunamis.

 Yet the same can be said for humanity as these ultra powerful photonics waves of light are integrated into out physical body, activating our DNA, intertwined with our consciousness that shifts us in both a physical and non physical way.  The life weíve lived may not seem to fit anymore and the question being asked if ďWhat now?Ē

Know that you are unique in the universe and your singular vibration is a current that ripples through a sea of consciousness.  Without you, life as you know it wouldnít exist.  Your  sovereign energy has fueled consciousness to create matter, all flowing into the form of you.  How incredible to be a part of that creation and what an exciting time to have incarnated to witness the transformation of a planet!

You are part of this Divine Cosmic plan.  Humanity is morphing, becoming lighter, brighter, activating the light body and oneís ability to connect with multiple dimensions, higher versions of reality.  Choices become heart based and not mind based.  Judgements are released, forgiveness replaces anger and love heals hate.  


Keep your focus on unity and not separation.  When intention is for the highest good of all concerned, all the pieces flow into place.  Keep your thoughts clear and positive, steering away from fear.  Donít be pulled into right or wrong.  Instead beam out a vibration of love like a laser light to all concerned and hold that focus.  Eventually divisiveness falls away and unity will prevail.  Pray, meditate, stay grounded, honor yourself, honor the earth and all of Godís creatures.  We are creating something new here, so letís get it right.

Moving from Grief to GraceAugust 12, 2018

Iíve never understood how someone could look at, or interact with an animal and believe they have no soul.  All you have to do is look in their eyes and you can feel their emotions.  

 Pixie and Princess are two cats rescued by my daughter who have lived together and been in my care for 16 years; although they've cared for me as much as I for them.  Itís been all about love.

 Pixieís health began failing and after numerous trips to the vet we all knew she was nearing the end.  All through her last days on Earth she was peaceful and happy.  Iíve always felt that assisting them in their passing was a gift we could give them, and the time came when I knew she was ready.  I could feel her energy almost gone, but didnít want her to be in any pain.  

 God bless the mobile vet who came to the house so I could keep Pixie as comfortable as possible.  My son and I, the vet and her assistant were all gathered in the living room.  As I held Pixie in my lap, Princess came down from upstairs and sat on the floor next to me.  Normally, with strangers in the house, she wouldnít have stuck her head out, but here she was, bearing witness and sending her sister off with love.  She sat there until it was over and they left.

 Iíve had many animals in my care over the course of my life, but never have I seen one of their own sit with so much grace to help send them off.

 Being a medium, I understand that this dense bubble of physicality that we live in is held within a much larger sphere of creation.  Like an air bubble rising to the surface.  And that when our bubble Ďpopsí we move into a higher frequency that brings us closer to the Divine Creator.  

 This thought helps with my grief, but it is the Grace of Princess that is helping my heart to heal.


Lunar Eclipse RealignmentJuly 25, 2018

Cosmic consciousness has been growing in leaps and bounds!
The Sun has been doing it's work bringing in light codes to activate our DNA and prepare us for working with higher levels of energy.  The old timelines are collapsing and with it patterning that have held us back from reaching our potential as a unified field of love and illumination.
The Moon comes into play on Friday July 27th with the longest full moon lunar eclipse of the century!  It offers realignment releasing, releasing, releasing lower, distorted energies of separation from Source.  
The Earth is well under way for restoring original templates and emergence into the crystalline, Christed energies of pure LOVE.  
We are assisting the Earth to build bridges of pure photonic light into a higher plane of consciousness.  Use this energy to declare your sovereignty over yourself to release any distortions or negative vibes from your reality and the reality of the collective and let your light shine!! 

The Chaos of CreationJune 12, 2018
Imagine you are part of an orchestra that is preparing for a great performance.  Each musician is fine tuning their instrument, and while that's happening it all sounds like chaotic noise.  They know they are individual players who work hard at honing their skills, but they also know they are part of something much bigger.  And in order to work together, they must do it with a great cohesiveness.  When the conductor finally raises the baton, the musicians begin creating beautiful, harmonic sounds, creating a symphony of vibrations that sweeps up everyone who is listening.
 We are in the chaotic energy of ascension, where multitudes of energy streams of varying frequencies are merging and clashing,  trying to create a harmonious frequency that will uplift us.  This is the Divine Creators plan, and we are the instruments of that creation.
Mini Mentoring SessionsMay 8, 2018

Do you know that you are uniquely you, yet part of a divine consciousness that is transforming your world?  

I LOVE helping people find their highest trajectory in whatever way is needed.  

So to CELEBRATE my birthday month Iím offering mini mentoring; 4 sessions (instead of 8) for half the price.  Email souls@dariajustyn.com if your like to jump on board.  Happy Spring!

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