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Words createOctober 12, 2020

Avra Kadavra 

Translated from ancient Aramaic ; I create as I speak.

Choose your words wisely, with love and care, for once spoken they will reverberate throughout all of time and space and resound forever.

Happy Equinox September 22, 2020
Happy Equinox! Cheers to keeping the mystical and the material in balance!
Awakening from the DreamJuly 7, 2020

We are descended from the stars, traveling through time, an essence of love in human form enveloped in a dream that we believe to be reality. We are awakening from that dream and remembering that whatever separates us merely points to the barriers we need to dissolve to expand our consciousness and ascend into higher frequencies of love and light.
AscensionMay 14, 2020

We are experiencing Ascension; an expansion of consciousness, a shift in frequency, an awareness that we are not mere mortals but masters of manifestation.  We have chosen, yes chosen, to be here to both witness and participate.  Suddenly it all feels very different.  We are seeing through new eyes, feeling differently about long held beliefs, and opening our minds to new thoughts.  The synchronistic moments we would have brushed off as coincidence now have our attention.  We are believing in ourselves and our innate abilities more then ever before.  We are learning to truly trust our intuition.  This creates great change and change is not always easy but is inevitable.  It is the nature of energy and we are energetic beings as is all in creation.  Yes, you are creating it all and every thought and action affects the collective energy.  Recognize your divine sovereignty.  Clear your mind of unnecessary debris and focus thoughts of love and positivity.  Believe and trust in yourself.  We are releasing eons of negativity and karma but trust that we are enveloped in the love of the Creator and that we are recreating the world we chose to live in.  Look for the love light within yourself and the more you illuminate that the more it will illuminate others.  Eventually it will reach even those whose light is so dim.  That is the power we hold.  That is how we are ascending! 

Mitigating Pandemic FearMarch 14, 2020
No photo description available.

I had a beautiful dream last night. 

Before I fell asleep, I was sending blessings out to the whole world that we may be healed and restored.

In my dream, I was standing in front of a glass door, it was a beautiful sunny day and I was looking up at the crystal clear blue sky.  What appeared to be large white snowflakes started falling. But as they got closer I saw they weren't snowflakes but exquisite snow white feathers.  Before they touched the ground, a powerful gust of wind came in and blew them back up into the air to form a beautiful face and wings of an angel. I knew then that my prayers were heard and the angels are intervening. Focus on love not fear.

Do Families that Pass Together Stay Together.January 28, 2020

Do families that pass together stay together.


The answer is both yes and no.  An enigma?  I ask you to think of the big picture.  

 Within a core soul group, we set up experiences where some will incarnate together, while others will stay to offer support from ‘above’ until such time as we switch roles.  

 Since our over souls are always in the moment of now, outside of time, that allows us to have multiple experiences, lives, missions all running simultaneously.  

 When we complete one cycle, ending in death, whether alone or with family members, death is not the finale.  We may still be running concurrent lifetimes/incarnations/experiences of our souls’ choosing, with those same family members whether here on Earth or in alternate realities (think infinity).  

 In this lifetime, if we have passed through traumatic or ‘shattering’ events, our soul may need, (thought of from a human perspective) as healing.  That trauma may also reverberate through the other lifetimes/realities that we are running concurrently, as part of soul experience.  

 The soul may then be nourished, cocooned in the love of the Creator, restoring it, much like a crystal glass shattered from a powerful frequency that needs to be reforged and made whole again.  When that is complete a soul may forgo further incarnations and choose a different path in an ascending spiral back to reunification with Source.

 Also, the family roles we have chosen to play out during this incarnation of father/daughter/mother/son does not define our soul.  Rather they are part of the experience of the separation of feminine and masculine energy that is part of this Earthly plane of duality.  This is balance is what needs to be restored.

 As such, in alternate lifetimes, we may have already switched up those family roles so that we have can a full understanding from every perspective to further our soul growth.  Evidence of this sometimes bleeds through in our dreams where we are with loved ones but we have different roles.

 Thinking that we must continue on in the roles our soul assigned before our passing, together or separately, is a limited, human way of looking at it. That is not to say we loose the connection of our core soul group, or the love that binds us on our earthly mission. Many times during Readings, souls who were part of the family come together for the purpose of support their loved one still here.  But they often make it clear they have their own soul evolution to follow. 

 Ultimately, we are never separate, there are no limitations for like drops in a vast ocean, we are all part of, all emanations of the Divine Oneness.   In that way we always and forever connected.

 During this ascension process and the expansion of consciousness that goes along with it in the big picture of creation; life, and our roles here become ever more vivid and beautiful.  We don’t need to look outside of ourselves for God’s light, we need to look within for we are that  light!  And amidst all of the turmoil on the planet, during this heavy rebalancing of the divine feminine and masculine, shine that light!  Let’s not be drawn in to more serration and division.  Lets remember that we, and all the souls we are connected to, are here for the purpose of restoring love to the planet and the revelations that brings.  

  As a beautiful being showed my friend Mike and I in meditation recently, radiate the seed of love within your heart into an ever expanding radiance of light that engulfs everything coming into your field.  If we all practice that we will create a wave of love that will be unstoppable.

In love and light! 

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