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Life As We Know itOctober 6, 2021

Change is coming; rapidly, finally and with eyes and hearts wide open. 

 And while humanity is waking up to this realization, there are many collectives assisting us to reach our potential. 

This is what was shown to me in meditation: 

 We would no longer be ruled by (in our case) two parties. Instead, we would create a new system of governing, with three branches. They would all be equal, and replicated throughout the planet. 

These would filled with ambassadors who would be chosen based on their abilities and their desire to be in service to others. 

The first branch of ambassadors would monitor and seek out the needs of the populous. First and foremost, always looking at what the people need. 

The second would be focused on identifying and fulfilling the needs of the work force; industry, technology etc., and what those who serve the greater good need to keep everything in balance. 

The third  group of ambassadors would be chosen for their intuitive empathic abilities. They would be representing the overarching  spiritual, metaphysical and  emotional needs of the not only people, but also  what animals, nature, and the planet need to stay in balance. 

 Instead of a hierarchy of power, this would all be done in a honeycomb pattern, where all information is equal and accessible. This Information would be presented in what the galactics call the  language of neutrality; pure information, with no emotional swaying and no manipulation.  It is all based on pure, heart felt love. There is nothing done for personal gain, since we will be collectively focused on the needs of all. 

And finally, when we have ended global conflict and can look at each other as humans without division, when we can implement this new way of seeing to the needs of all of us, then we would be invited to have a seat at the galactic confederation table and life as we know it will never be the same. It will be unimaginably better and itís closer then you think!

We are Living in 5DAugust 16, 2021

I am constant in my belief that what we give our thoughts and intentions to we will create. This has been shown to me over and over again In the most random ways. I play this game with myself to see how many of my thoughts are manifesting in the books I read. Case in point: Iím looking someone up on the internet. That leads me to various sites. Come upon the title of an obscure (to me) tv series. I find the name of the show intriguing . Pick up my book, begin reading and one of the characters mentions her best friends name is Daria and then mentions this show by name. Again, it was not a show Iíd heard of before and the book was written a few years ago. So I pray to remain constant in my belief that 5D isnít a place to get to, it is us realizing we are creating with our thought. Love, light, God will prevail amongst this chaos. 

Choosing Your ThoughtsJune 22, 2021
Everything in our thoughts exists as potential form. Thoughts, ideas, inspirations; they become streams of energy and whatever we choose to direct our attention to, those are the ones that become energized, opening up a timeline and following that thought wave to its collapse or it's manifestation and it's conclusion.

The thoughts we choose to ignore, or let flow on by, neutralize and collapse.  The ones we choose to give our full attention to, expand in our consciousness and become powerful waves of energy.  They give rise to a huge energetic field that can be radiating positivity, or radiating negativity.

When we energize positive thoughts, we feel good, loved, appreciated, connected to source and to each other.  We can feel that we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  We appreciate the world around us and radiate that energy into our field.  We find ourselves drawing in others who resonate with that energy.  No need to control and outcome, just following our intuition and trusting in the harmony, balance and love of our highest self and our soul.

 If we expand on negative thoughts, we create an avalanche of energy that sweeps us into a loop of judgement, fear, discord, even hatred.  We energize the continuous rhetoric in our minds of 'I said, you said, they said, who is right, who is wrong' and most importantly anxiety. We fight to control the situation or debate what we believe is the 'right solution'.  Whether it's about us, someone we love, or someone else entirely, we become mired in thought forms that create nothing but worry and sleepless nights.

How can we stay in positive thought streams?
Remembering the intention of SURRENDERING to the HIGHEST GOOD and that there is a DIVINE PLAN.

When we realize that our soul and the souls of those around us each has a plan that has been mapped out by our soul, we can relax. Having free will plays an enormous part in this incarnation and since we are participating in a life shared with other souls, we can take on responsibilities that are not ours to take.  When we find ourselves becoming obsessed with the actions of another, whomever it is, it is time to take a step back and reset our intention.  And when we give up the struggle of trying to control the outcome, we surrender into the intention of whatever is for the HIGHEST GOOD; LET IT BE.  We don't have to know what that is; we just have to hold on to that thought stream.

What a relief we can feel!  We can relax and feel ourselves lighter, and then we attract more light filled outcomes.  We trust that whatever comes next will follow our souls plan.  We feel moved into positivity.  We have the sense of a burden put down.  We can feel the fear leaving our solar plexus.  When we release stress we open our energy centers to flow.  We can love and support each other but be observational instead of emotional.  We each have our own role to play but sometimes we just need to be the audience for others and just listen without reacting.  We KNOW that we can let go of worry, for when we surrender to LOVE and the highest good of ALL concerned, we trust in the big picture, the divine plan.  Life on Earth is not for the faint of heart, but oh, what an experience!
We are Points of LightMay 11, 2021

Love is the unifying force of the universe.  It emanates from the divine source, a light permeating the consciousness of all life. We are that divine love manifest. 

Singly, we are points of this light that shine so brightly, but together that light blazes across all of the multiverses, all of the expressions of  our soul, too many to imagine. Let that light endlessly expand. Let us be emblazoned by love!

Engaging your Thoughts February 2, 2021

We know, that during deeply engaging and widely shared events, such as what we are globally experiencing, a purposeful stream of consciousness is generated into the collective. 

If your desire is to contribute to that by engaging the heart of humanity, promoting harmony and worldwide peace, then go within. Disengage with anything that feels dissonant. You have the love of the Creator, the support of the Earth and the light filled, love filled energy to support you in this experience. 

 Keep the flame of your divine sovereignty lit and know that thoughts of fury, hatred, division and judgement will create more of the same. 

 Walk your talk. Be a loving being and fill those dark voids with thoughts of Godís light; shining bright and sending love to anyone who has fallen out of that path of light. Itís simple, really. Love yourself, send love to the Earth and every being on it, steer clear of negativity in all its forms and just be in the moment. We are human but that doesnít mean we are any less of divine; an emanation of Source. 

 There is an old proverb that says, ďBelieve half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.Ē But that depends on what you are looking at and what you are listening to. When you see through the eyes of your intuition, your stream of consciousness and you listen to what is resonating within your heart, then trust is inevitable. All else falls away. Do not allow fear to manipulate you away from your own inner voice. There are a thousand different ways to view a circumstance, to glean information, but there is only one truth; and that is what your heart is telling you. Follow that, your instincts, your intuitive sense and this path of ascension will allow you to see your way through. 

7 Days of CreationDecember 14, 2020
Šźˆ Star of bethlehem stock pictures, Royalty Free star of bethlehem  silhouette | download on Depositphotos¬ģ
December 14, the solar eclipse, to December 21, the winter solstice, marks 7 days of cosmic energy with immense potential (think the 7 days of creation) culminating in the 800 year event of the Jupiter - Saturn alignment at 0 degrees, appearing in the sky as the Star of Bethlehem. 
We havenít had this cosmic potential for 26,000 years. 
Weíve been aware of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius since the 1960ís. Well hold onto your hats because it is upon us. I send out blessings to the Earth, our home, and to all of Godsís creatures to use this energy for the Divine ascension, and for creating a loving, peaceful, abundant world for all of us. This is my dream, my prayer and my intention. Shine your light into the world!

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